Eport Wood Products | Construction Techniques
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Construction Techniques

Eport Wood Products offers three different construction techniques for your wooden top.


Eport offers two butcher block construction techniques. Edge grain construction joins strips of hardwood lengthwise such that the side grain of the wood is used as the working surface. End grain construction joins square or rectangle blocks together such that the end grain tops are visible. Both construction techniques are suitable for cutting and chopping with end grain construction being the more durable. Although it is unusual for customers to request end grain construction for large tops, this technique will often be found somewhere in working kitchens.


Wide Plank Construction makes use of random 4” to 6” planks joined together. This technique has a wide grain pattern that best portrays the natural patterns and beauty of the wood. This technique is not suitable for cutting or chopping, but is ideal for kitchen island or bathroom countertops where the aesthetic elegance of the room is the top priority.


Wide Plank Construction With Jointed Strips is the method used primarily on extremely long countertops where continuous planks become impractical. Bar tops and countertops that exceed ten (10) continuous feet will often use this approach. Personal preference will sometimes dictate this method for shorter countertops as well. Again, cutting and chopping is not recommended for this technique.

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