Eport Wood Products | Wood and Finish Options
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Wood and Finish Options

Our gloss finish is often used for marine applications and bar tops where moisture resistance is of paramount importance. Our satin finish, equally as durable, is commonly used for bathroom and kitchen applications. Eport’s hand rubbed finish, although slightly more costly, has proven to be our most popular wood treatment. The hand rubbed surface finish produces a smooth satin like patina that we feel best enhances the beauty of the wood. All finishes are non-toxic, water, and spill resistant. Our finishes are heat resistant, however, placing hot pots or pans directly on the countertop surface should be avoided. Use of a pot holder or trivet is recommended. Although Eport recommends our standard clear finishes, we will entertain finishing over water based or solvent based stains. Consult Eport for acceptable stain products and colors.


Our natural texture produces a smooth, even top with slight grain indentations. The amount of grain texture is, of course, dependent on the grain structure of the species selected. Loose and tight grained woods will have different natural textures. Our hand rubbed finish will also produce a top with more visible grain indentations than our gloss or satin finishes. Our distressed texture offers a worn look complete with dents, dings, and depressions.

Standard products are available in white or black, however, other custom color options are available such as the country red island shown here.

Antique Brass
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Brushed Nickel